• Nanotejarat

    A Credible and sophisticated website to present all Industrial Iranian companies. This website consist of a through controlpanel to feed every element and provides the members with various applications.

    The International Storytelling Center
  • volvo-international

    One of the most dazzling industrial websites featuring live search, online chatting, dynamic design, sophisticated links and interchangable content.

    The International Storytelling Center
  • Roshantir

    A well-designed website including different time zones and an extended control panel to manage the content of the page.

  • Behin Tajhiz

    Really Sophisticated programming with a comprehensive control panel that covers all the content including the main links .

  • Zarin lotus

    A thoroughly programmed website including the secure secure access for subsidiaries to check the content of the warehouse .

  • Techo-Liebherr

    High Graphic standards, High accessibility and dynamic content is the prominent specifications of this web page.

  • Hydro-Aryan

    This site comes with various programming applications. the ones that simplify for the manager to track the users and keep in touch with them.

    The International Storytelling Center
  • Techo-Liebherr

    Sophisticated and properly subcategorized links on this lay out are great. the site is facilitated with live chat and exclusive management access.

  • Negarestan Procelain

    is it not just brilliant to be looking at a incondescent masterpiece. this page surely inspired the customers to go for a purchase.

    Nashville State Community College
  • Original Spring

    I Look at some iondustrial sites and deem necessary to contact the owner. What a mess ! despite the rough and non-sensual colors you can still create a beauty.

    The Last Letter
  • Vigen clutch

    Some would say industrial websites are messed up. I have debunked those by unshackling the captivity of negativity.

    Frist Center for the Visual Arts
  • Nakwater

    pertinent, spectacular and fashionly organized. best way to put this site in words.

    Frist Center for the Visual Arts
  • ghorbani Brothers

    One of those web pages that in spite of simplicity it still is catchy featuring bitchin Javascripts.

    Frist Center for the Visual Arts
Graphic Design
Having a catchy attractive web page is all reliant upon highly fashioned graphics.
Dynamic Content
Utilizing motive pictures and articles without using flash ( which is not installed on the operating systems by default.
Sophisticated Codes
PHP programming as one of the most reliable programming languages and sticking to the security standards.
Content Management
Easy to use management control panels for the web masters to alter the content, comprising the products.
High graphic standards
Contant Management
These web sites usually intend to give an introduction of your service or products, thus they should have a catchy look and require high graphic standards.
Data exchange and Data analysing
Secure and interactive database
These web sites are meant to interact with the viewers and gather information associated with them, therefore they require an interactive, secure database.
Parsing Extended Data
High security Standards
Since these web sites are meant to store and parse extended and frequently private information they require high security measures. The hosting company is hand packed.

فروش انواع کابین آسانسور در سایزهای مختلف و کابین آسانسور وارداتی از ایتالیا و درب آسانسور فلزی و خدمات مرتبط با آسانسور آسانسور
فروش انواع پیچ و مهره ساختمانی ، پیچ و مهره چوب ، پیچ و مهره آلن و توزیع هرگونه پیچ و مهره در سراسر ایران پیچ و مهره
دریافت استاندارد ایزو9001 ، ایزو 10015 ، مشاوره ایزو ، و اعطا گواهینامه ایزو به مشتریان جهت استاندارد مدیریت کیفیت و خدمات ایزو
پیچ و مهره آژاکس
A very Sophisticated technology that allows the page to connect to the database, execute the query and return the results without having to refresh the page.
A Powerful scripting language
that provides us with the possibility
to design dynamic and motive pictures and
texts without having to use flash – which is not
installed on the operating systems by default. JavaScript
is broadly available and comfy to use for an experienced programmer .
Almost everything that indicates beauty from color variation to proper alignments is done by using CSS on the page. Even though CSS is not a programming language, it properly chips in a wide share to keep the pages picturesque .
PHP is undoubtedly the most powerful, comprehensive and sophisticated programming language. Concisely, it's enough to know that Facebook is fashioned by this language.
Since HTML is not a programming language, it is always accompanied by one like PHP or ASP. HTML tags are used to align the content of the page and shaping forms. They also require CSS tags to be more accurate about everything.
A few examples of the web pages I have developed are presented above.
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    In the current world where everything comprising the errands are being run through the internet, having a reputable and interactive website seems imperative. Not having a web site for a business resembles not having Identity for an individual .
  • Swaping Data with the viewers

    Once the websites really come around, it is inevitable to interact with the users and customers. Based on requirements the website can do all kinds of interaction and store all sorts of information. This can come really handy in case your website is aimed internationally.
  • Professional Emails

    Email services provided by Yahoo, Google and other Cyber-corporations may be good but not enough and certainly not prestigious for esteemed companies. Having a professional email which can be assembled and used by windows live mail is sheer bliss.
  • Time adaptation

    Not very long ago, we used to ask people if they had a cell before asking for their number. It do encounter no such a thing anymore, Do we?
    Obviously seen enough technology will compel us have sophisticated websites to keep in touch with our folks.

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